Fixed-line or office telephone service with national coverage that offers high-quality hone calls over the Internet for cost-effective business operations. The service provides both domestic and international calls at reasonable prices together with 24-hour expert support.

How to use the service

  • Analog1 number per circuit service

  • SIP Trunk: Connect NT's VoIP server to the customer's PBX, IP PBX,

    or SIP Server supporting 2 types of service.

    • SIP Authentication where 1 number serves multiple channels (concurrent calls), starting at 5 channels. The number of channels can be added as required. Secured with standard SIP authentication.

    • IP Peering (DID Number) 30 numbers/30 channels. The number of numbers and channels can be increased as required. Secured with connection using public IP address.

Advantage :

Support connection with IP network circuit or Internet circuit of any service provider.

  • Flexible and allow moving to different premises while maintaining the numbers.

  • Work well with call center systems.

  • Work well with special phone numbers such as 4-digit phone numbers.


Service charge

One time charge (installation charge)
  • Analog Line 2,000 Baht/circuit

Monthly charge (maintenance charge)
Domestic call charge (air time charge)
International call charge (air time charge)
Customer installation site changing fee

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