This is an interconnecting service between Fax and email. On one side, a Fax is connected to a telephone access line and on the other side, only the assigned telephone number and a receiving email account without any telephone access line. Whenever there is an incoming Fax, the receiving side will always receive the incoming email with the attached PDF file. In the other way, sending Fax out is by sending the email to the assigned email address in the form of (0xxxxxxxx is the assigned telephone number.) and determining the email subject as the destination Fax number. Then, attaching the sending document in PDF, the fax2email system will transform the file and will send to the Fax machine automatically.

How to use the service

  • Use the assigned telephone number for the receiving Fax.
  • Use any customer-owned email browser for accessing the incoming Fax documents regarding the assigned telephone number.
  • In case of sending documents to a Fax destination number, the sending documents must be prepared in or must be converted into a PDF file in English format (Maximum file size is 5 MB).
  • Send the email with the PDF file attachment to the assigned email address for fax2email customer in the format with the subject as a Fax destination number.

Service charge

  • Start at 2 concurrent/Fax number
  • Service fee is 200 Baht/month
  • Additional concurrent is 100 Baht/concurrent/month
  • Incoming Fax is free of charge
  • Outgoing Fax to same province number is 3 Baht/time
  • Outgoing Fax to others province number is 1 Baht/min
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