It is a collect call for both domestic and international destinations with the toll free number for the call out from Thailand to other countries and the toll free number for the call in from foreign countries to Thailand.

Service in details

Domestic toll free service (DTFS)
This is a toll free numbering service for calls inside Thailand. The service serves government agencies and private companies that require their customers be able to call them with free of charge. They will take all the domestic charge for their customers.
(Options) Domestic toll free service with international call forward
This is for business customers who want their local clients to be able to make the free of charge calls to their oversea branches. Customers can choose one of the two numbering formats either in 1800 XXX XXX or in the UIFN (Universal international free phone number) 001800XXXXXXXX that can call from both local fixed line and mobile telephone of any providers. the calling method is as follows,

International toll free service (ITFS)

Service Charge

Service charge for domestic toll free service
  • Monthly fixed charge 1,000 Baht/month/number
  • Domestic air time charge 3 Baht/minute
          (Options) Call forwarding from Thailand to another country destination is charged by the customer choice on forward call via either CAT 001 or CAT 009 (cf. CAT 001 rate, CAT 009 rate)
Service charge for international toll free

Toll free numbering formats

Domestic Toll Free Number


International Toll Free Number


Universal International Free phone Number/UIFN)

is a global unique number. Once it is assigned, it can be used in any countries under ITFS mutual agreement.

List of available countries

List of available countries ITFS & UIFN

  • * Service customer pays one-time service application fee determined by the foreign provider/carrier.
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