NT international call forward It is a service that forwards calls from a mobile phone number in Thailand to another overseas SIM card number. Users can receive calls in other countries when their regular phone number is dialed in Thailand. When you travel abroad, this international call forwarding allows you to have an overseas phone number without any notice of your phone number change.

Besides, this service can be used with all mobile phone systems in over 232 countries around the world. Importantly, this service helps save money more than the international roaming service. The NT international call forwarding charges a minimum NT 009-based fee of 2.50 baht per minute, helping save service users’ expenses.

How to use the service

Postpaid service

  • You can apply and register the overseas SIM Card number for the international call forwarding service at any NT customer service office. If the overseas SIM Card is not available on the application date, you can register the number later at NT Contact Center by;

    • Call to the NT Contact Center at +66 (0) 2104 0403

    • Call to the NT Contact Center via NT Thailand direct (Free of charge service and available in some countries)

    • Send an email to the NT Contact Center at contactcenter@nc.ntplc.co.th

  • Before traveling, divert your local phone through Call Forward / Call Divert feature to the fixed-line number assigned by NT. *

  • Change your SIM Card to the registered overseas SIM Card.

  • When you arrive at the destination country, you can switch on your mobile phone for calling and receiving

Remark: When arriving in Thailand; please cancel your call diverting from mobile phone numbers to the NT fixed-line number immediately.

Prepaid service

  • Subscribe at NT offices to get the fixed-line number

  • Forward all incoming calls to the fixed-line number

  • Visit  https://customerprofile.catnextgen.com  to set up a new SIM card number (User manual)

  • When arrived to your destination, insert the new SIM card into your mobile

  • When returning to Thailand, change your SIM card back to Thailand SIM card

Refill channels

  • NT Customer Service Offices

  • Via a credit card

  • Via a bank account

How to set up Forward call

From your mobile :
Dial **21*02-XXX-XXXX# + Call out (XXX-XXXX: Your fixed line number that received from NT telecom)

Cancel Forward call :
Dial ##21# + Call out to cancel Forward call

Charge rate

Postpaid service
  • Monthly fee: 200 baht / overseas SIM Card number

  • Charge for change of call forwarding number (Overseas SIM Card Number): 50 baht per time.

Prepaid service
Usage charge
  • Fees for receiving calls from abroad, charged by SIM Card service providers of those countries: expenses incurred in some countries.

  • Charges for international outgoing calls or domestic calls are calculated according to the service fees of overseas SIM Card.

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