NT phonenet / thaicard is a calling card service that offered you a toll-free access number 1544 and the most economized price for over 200 destinations worldwide. NT phonenet / thaicard can be used with both fixed-line and mobile phone of any providers, able to make a domestic call, call to any countries and call back to Thailand.

How to use the service

Call from Thailand to 233 countries worldwide
  1. Dial 1544 or 001 800 8424 2273 (free of charge).

  2. After hearing a voice message, please press 2 for English.

  3. Enter PIN (12 digits) follow by the # key.

  4. Press 009 for an economy call or 001 for a premium call follow by country code + area code + destination number and # key.

For example:
Call to Los Angeles, U.S.A., dial 009 (or 001) + 1 + 213 + 1234567 + #

Call from abroad to Thailand
Third country calling
Register A number : To make call without enter 12 digits PIN
Cancel register A number : To remove A number from the expired PIN

How to refill (top-up) with Voucher on the existing calling card (calling card account)


Serviceable countries

Country in service for using NT calling card

Overseas access numbers might be changed. Please check the access number before departure from Thailand. Call 1888 (24 hours) or

Please select the destination country

  • In case of calling from Overseas hotel, check with the hotel before using the calling card service. (Overseas hotel service charge may apply or service blocking by the hotel)

  • Calling from overseas public phone, local currency coin or local card may be needed.

Service Charge

Service charge in details

  • Call from Thailand to other countries with prefix 001: NT001 service rate is applied.

  • Call from Thailand to other countries with prefix 009: NT Phonenet service rate is applied.

  • Call from Thailand to local Thailand number: 4 Baht/minute (rate is exclusive of 7% VAT)

  • Call from Foreign countries to Thailand (incoming call): 4 Baht/minute (rate is exclusive of 7% VAT)

  • Calling from Foreign countries to other countries (Third Country Calling)

Service charge is exclusive of 7% VAT and round-up every 6 seconds.

(Not the minimum charge of 1 minute). Service charge is calculated based on Thailand's local time.

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